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About Me

I host a lot of swaps and join other's swaps, too.

I do have some serious chronic illnesses that can be unpredictable. Something 'normal' could mean I barely get off a couch for a week... or I could feel fine after a day or two, haul to finish the household stuff I let slide for a week, annnnd that's enough to put me back down for another few weeks. Fun. If I could figure out specific triggers, I'd avoid them entirely. They wouldn't randomly destroy my daily life. So. I do try to keep communication open and let people know if I'm late on something. If you have an issue with someone not arriving, please let me know!

EMAIL me, please!

Message me for my e-mail address, especially for messages longer than trading links, or anything I need to respond back to.

SB was never intended to be an email server. SB Messenger does not allow for photo attachments, messaging multiple people, or most importantly, message chains. I cannot see what you messaged me at the same time that I'm writing back. That alone will significantly delay response times.

I have to go back and open a separate window to look for every single exchange we've had on a topic and any other relevant history before assembling it into a timeline. That is incredibly taxing. I can accomplish other things that are also important, OR I can drop everything for this one stupid message response. Both need to be done, and only enough energy for one 'set' of things.

Also, I can only respond when I'm on an actual computer. I can't do it from my phone. I try to avoid typing on that tiny keyboard for anything at all if it's longer than a phone number. Even my text apps need to be accessible via PC. Relatives who use SMS only often do not get responses because... I can't... type... on... my... PHONE. Which I've repeatedly told people. And yet!



  • I love trading out washi + stickers. I have lots of them! I like 'academia,' 'dark forest,' animals, all kinds of things that aren't the cute, cartoony kind.
  • Random envelopes that aren't the standard white business envelopes. No notecards needed or anything. Any colours, any sizes, but 4x6" or larger preferred. These are for mailing other swaps out.
  • Vintage + antique Japanese postcards of the karyukai (geisha, maiko, tayuu, oiran,) Japanese entertainment industry, basically. I also like vintage books about Japan that aren't just tourist guides. Yiddish postcards, especially early 1900s Yiddish, when they were popular. The colouring may be misleading. I think colourized ones were more expensive, so black and white might have been more likely to see, despite the year.

Everything else, I have So Much of right now and I feel like I need to use more of it before I let myself buy more Things.

Feel free to message me if you want to send any of this stuff instead of the swap items asked for. It isn't a problem!


It isn't personal, I just won't use these items in my own work. So things I will pass on automatically: - Used stamps - Kiddie stuff - Most planner stickers unless it's just numbers - Felt stickers - Recipes (too many dietary restrictions. :P It's just a puzzle...)

Please no dog hair, cigarette smells, or strong perfumes. I tend to get migraines and don't have a washing machine, so it could take 2 weeks to hot wash something properly.

Favorite Crafts

  • Sewing basic items. I try to use natural fabrics only, including scraps larger than 2x2" for sewing. Right now my joints are getting worse and will for the forseeable future, so lifting the sewing machine and such in a small space isn't doable easily. But hand-sewing with fine needles for more than a few minutes also isn't... I fear I'm losing one of the very few things I can still do. Any advice?

  • Papercrafts like art journalling, scrapbooking, and some bullet journal/art journal hybrid work for daily use.

Other Things

I hope to move to another place before lease renewal in 2024! But I am physically disabled and have to pay to move everything, so that is very expensive. Min budget is $4k.

To raise money, I am going to start listing many of my postcards, fabrics, papercrafting supplies, kimono (including kimono for fabric,) notecards as lots, and much more. Other items, I'll be giving away locally.

If you're interested in the kimono especially, message me since they may not be on ko-fi in my links!

USPS Issues

USPS has been having problems since before COVID, but it's gotten much worse. General DeJoy ordered the shutdown of improved tech that sorts and sends mail without damaging it, making the mail faster and more reliable... but he decided that it cost money, so these systems can't be used. Heh. Brilliant thinking, there.

Mail coming and going is arriving damaged, especially with the fold edges of envelopes torn open. Probably 2/5 swaps arrive this way, and I've heard from others that their mail also comes damaged. Between reporting this to USPS, esp with photos, we should probably be reinforcing envelope edges with tape.

Mail is also missing or very late. I've gotten envelopes anywhere between 1-3 weeks domestically. I've dropped from Intl swaps because they can take 2-4 MONTHS. I've advised new users especially to give benefit of the doubt in most cases, and I angel all of my swaps if something is missing.

Be patient and just message people! Take photos, which are especially useful. It's a habit I picked up while running an online retail shop. Then it's shown what exactly was happening. It's another reason I ask people to email me!

Happy swapping.

Hosted Swaps + Ratings

Hello! I host a lot of swaps. When I was a new user, I had the hardest time getting into ANY swaps because I didn't have ratings... but the only way to GET ratings was to be able to join swaps. Catch-22.

I've been here since 2010. In that time I've seen quite a few people get on some users who have intermittent issues fulfilling a swap or who may not have understood swap requirements as written. 1 and 3 ratings might be YEARS old and it'll still reflect badly if someone checks their profile, sees the low rating, and doesn't click the number to see when the last neutral/low rating happened. Or they could see hundreds, literally hundreds, of positive ratings and still drop over some low rating that didn't even happen this year. So how does anyone recover?

More than a few times this year, users with perfect 5 ratings have joined multiple swaps at the same time, waited for them to be assigned, and then just... ghosted. In the past month I've mailed easily half a dozen Angel swaps over ONE user.

Ratings are not the One True Flake Factor. I won't drop users just because of ratings.

Swap Requirements

I usually post swap requirements in every post but I do sometimes forget. Here are the typical guidelines:


No 1s in the past 6 months. It's e-mail.


Postcards: No 1s in the past 6 months. 1 stamp envelopes: Must have 10+ type 2 swaps, no 1s/non-sends in past 6 months.


No 1s in the past 12 months. 4.5+ star rating. 5-10 type 3 swaps completed (this depends on the package and how easy it is for me to angel.)

EXCEPTIONS: If I have time/energy and you message me, I may set up a private swap for just the two of us. This limits flakers expecting to receive, say, 5 items to 1. Tends to ward them off. Private swaps are just not worth it.

All swaps I host are angel-ed. Strict rules seem to weed out most (not all) flakers.

I'd like users to feel secure joining any of my swaps. If you end up having questions, please message me. Do NOT comment on a swap. SB does not notify anyone of these comments. I might see it too late.

Late/No Swap Arrival?

  • Check deadline date to send. For many USA items, 2 weeks is around the current USPS estimate for arrival. Be aware of weather that could delay things (like hurricanes, blizzards, extreme heat.) Somehow stuff from one county to the next is being shipped all over the USA. ::rolls eyes:: Yeah, idk why either. But first I give the benefit of the doubt.

  • If it's been 2 weeks, send the partner a message. Keep it simple. "Hey, I'm your partner is Swap Name. I haven't gotten the envelope yet." Set a reasonable deadline to receive it. I've sent these messages and gotten the swap 4 days later- a day after the partner resent it. x.x But if a swap DOESN'T come by the date? The person can re-send it. Yep, even if it's me. :P

  • SB typically sends an email for messages unless the user turned that off. If there is no answer to the message within 3 business days, rate that person accordingly and mention that your message was not responded to. It shows that you did attempt to reach out first. RATINGS CAN BE AMENDED LATER. Do not feel guilty about this.


Comment: The only show on your list, that I know of, is Futurama. I do know X-men, but only the real live movies that are out now. Thank you for sharing!
Comment: Thanks so much for sharing! 😀
Comment: Love your handmade PC =) I never need something when I go thrifting but I go all the time anyway, the thrill of the find never gets old!
Comment: Thank you for the card. Love the design and the colors you chose. Never heard of Brandy Stark but definitely going to look her up.
Comment: Thank you for all the black and white papers and ribbon. I especially like your use of a recycled mail envelope. Very clever.
Comment: Hi Dani, EXCELLENT playlist, some I know and others are new to me. Thank you! I've seen some of those bands in concert as well (Florence, IAMX, Mogwai, Royksopp) and then adding a few songs from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, even better (my Fave film).
Comment: Thank you for the fun PC. And yes, I am looking forward to Halloween. Aloha
Comment: Thank you for this postcard and especially your note. I'm very interested in your standup comedy list and look forward to it. Take care!
Comment: Thank you for the informative note and generous envelope. I really like the little journal you made, and all of the extra bits to create with, and the postcards and postage stamps. All very much appreciated.
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: Did you make the card? I love it! Thank you for the note and the great goodies. The gnome and the little mailman stickers are so cute. Happy swapping
GreetingsEarthling rated for Monster Find and Send on Aug 29, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the lovely, creepy odds and ends. I can't wait to use them in my spooky season crafting.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card. The quote is perfect. Stay safe in the storm!
Comment: My sincerest apologies for the late rating! I am familiar with a dybbuk in the proper form but have not ever heard any stories such as the one you told - so it was much appreciated and enjoyed!! I look forward to continued conversation with you!
Comment: Thank you so much for your elegant HMPC! It was a wonderfully pretty bright spot in my day.
Comment: Thank you, I love your unique list!
Comment: lots of fun ephemera - thanks!
MissKayeIdaho rated for LSRUS- 1970s Playlist Postcard on Aug 14, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the 1970's playlist! I love songs from this decade - I loved playing Smoke on the Water in pep band. I love your hand made postcards. Thank you sending it to me! Happy Swapping! 💗

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BlueEyedButterfly on Sep 26, 2023:

Thank you for the postcard! I love the kimono made of washi! Such a cute and creative idea!

BlueberryLady on Sep 24, 2023:

Welcome to Beginners Crafting Group! We Try to have a Variety of Swaps ! Usually only 1 or 2 a month. Any suggestions are always welcome ! Jean 9/24/2023

Stampalia on Sep 22, 2023:

Thank you for being an angel for the Movie Quote Swap. I very much remember Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead from the movie with Tim Roth. The 'tennis' game of questions. I really liked I heart Huckabees, too.

LauraM540 on Aug 16, 2023:

Thank you for your Angel package for the Newbie Friendly 1oz swap- so many fun goodies!

Aumonae on May 21, 2023:

Thank you for the lovely envie of goodies from LSRUS May Wishes. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

fourgnomesinatrenchcoat on May 16, 2023:

Thank you so much for the May wishes! I loved everything!

JazD on May 14, 2023:

Thank you for the awesome envelope of goodies. Jazlyn did watch Gravity Falls. She watched all seasons. It was one her favorites. I liked watching it as well 🙂 She is now loving The Owl House.

LavenderSprinkles on Apr 11, 2023:

Thank you so much for the sweet package for LSRUS!

middleearthtraveller on Mar 20, 2023:

Thank you for the LSRUS February wishes--it was so fun to go through the items in the envelope!

CariahCreates on Feb 28, 2023:

Thank you for the wishes from my LSRUS February wishlist

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