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As of 5/13/2023 - I'm feeling a little better pain wise, though still in daily pain. I've missed SwapBot so much in this short amount of time of not swapping. I've decided to take on a few simple letter swaps to try and hold me over during my waiting time before surgery. Still scheduled for June 6th.

As of 5/3/2023 - I have completed sending all of my current swaps out and will not be signing up for any new ones for at least a month. I will still be keeping up with my ratings though, so don't panic!! Just dealing with some medical issues right now and they can't do the kidney stone surgery until June 6th. My body is trying to pass two large (7mm & 5mm) kidney stones with no luck of doing so on the horizon so I must wait! And be in pain until then, which is why no swapping. I can't concentrate and don't want to take a chance of lateness or getting something wrong in the swap. Thanks for understanding. I will continue to keep up with the ratings for items I receive in the snail mailbox. Please private message me if you have any questions or concerns :)

First off: please message me if a swap you are waiting for has not arrived! the postal service is doing their best, but I'm still seeing quite a few delays and undelivered mail. I am happy to send out new stuff/replacements ASAP, as long as you let me know!

47yrs old Christian woman, married to the man of her dreams (literally met on a blind date), and the mother of 2 wonderful sons, ages 22 and 17. Only have the 17yr old left at home, but that is enough. We just started driving, ugh!! We have 3 dogs - Mr. Poe who is a 6yr old chiweenie. Katie who is an 8yr old chihuahua terroir mix. And last but not least, our gentle giant, Dobbie (named after the house elf on Harry Potter) who is a 20yr old wire haired terroir mix. I'm a stay at home mom, but that doesn't mean I stay at home! LOL! I volunteer at my local church every Tuesday for the food pantry ministry. I am also the Programs Manager for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health). I coordinate and lead support groups, education classes, set up informational tables at local events (to help spread the word about mental health awareness), and many other duties. Between these two projects, my personal health appts, and keeping up with the house - I am one busy momma!! I live for the call of the weekend when I do most of my crafting and swapping.

Favorite Music

I thoroughly enjoy country and christain music. I can tolerate most anything else except opera and classical. My youngest listens to rap and that gets a little rough to handle sometimes, especially with the language and all. That's when I tell him to put the ear buds in!! Favorite artists would have to be Garth Brooks and Reba for older stuff and Jelly Roll and Luke Bryant for newer stuff on the country music side. No favorites in the christain music arena as I like it all really. Well, gospel and hymns can be tough to follow, but still like them just not as much as contemporary.

Favorite Books

love murder mysteries, especially those with a medical or legal theme to them. Really like the kind that you start and can't put down until you know "who done it"!! Fast readers work well with my short attention span. I don't have a favorite author as I will read anyone. Some author's I have read in the past are Iris Johannson and Tess Gerritson. Also love James Patterson's legal thrillers! He has some page turners.
If you are looking for a good book to read, I just got done reading the following two. Fast paced, page turners they were!! Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline - about a couple who conceive a child using a sperm donor only to find out that he may have been a serial killer. They now need to find out for sure, but who to turn too?? Then.... Catch Me by Lisa Gardner - about a single woman who thinks she is going to be murdered on January 21st of the new year. Which happens to be the anniversary of the murders of her best friends. She gets a homicide detective involved in trying to solve her murder before it happens!! I read this one in a week!!

Favorite Television

NCIS, CSI: Vegas, Law and Order (any of them), Bull and 911 are all great choices for me. I also watch the Chicago series on NBC, but not as faithfully as those listed previously. Just started watching the new Quantum Leap. I love it!!!! Star Trek and Dr. Who are always great Sci Fi choices. Crime Drama shows are a great bet too! Shows like Forensic Files, 48 Hours, 20/20, and Dateline are awesome. Anything on Investigation Discovery Channel.

Favorite Crafts

I currently am into papercrafting. Mostly ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and greeting cards. I have been making ATC's since 2018 and trade them all over the world on Facebook. I make greeting cards with a group of lady friends. We get together twice a month at someone's house. (a Stampin' Up demonstrator). That is the only time I make greeting cards as I only work on ATC's at home. I have a feeling that is going to change as I sign up for swaps, but I'm ok with that. I have my own craft room, which I love. I still overflow into the living room by a lot!! LOL!! I have an extensive acrylic and rubber stamp collection. Almost a bookcase full of bins and binders full of stamp sets. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect stamp set because I can only use stamp images that fit into a 2.5" x 3.5" space (the size of the ATC). I also have an extensive collection of dies for my Sizzix Big Shot.
You could also say I collect stationary items such as note paper, postage stamps, and pens. Kinda goes along with the papercrafting I guess?

Favorite Foods

love Taco Bell, any mexican food in general really. I used to get the tostada, but they don't have it on their menu anymore. Was just there the other day and they have brought back the Mexican Pizza, which is close so I'm happy. Favorite drink would be Mountain Dew Baja Blast Zero. Mountain Dew Code Red and Venom are awesome choices too! Ok, I see a theme here. Let's just say any Mountain Dew flavor will do. LOL! Favorite sweet would have to be chocolate of course. I mean, what girl doesn't love chocolate? Skittles, Starbursts, jelly beans (any kind) and Sour Patch Kids are great second choices. Favorite teas include cinnamon and chai, but like fruity and mint too. I do not like Earl Grey tea or Breakfast tea.

Favorite Past Times

curling up in my lazy boy chair and reading a good book is always fun. I can get lost for hours this way!!

Amazon wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2Q4ROUSJX7CTH?ref=wlshare

Postcard Likes and Dislikes

Postcard Likes: Harry Potter, Disney, Coca-Cola, weird in some way (ex - 3D, odd shape), oversized, cows, cats and dogs, any animal really except those in dislikes, ocean and related (beach, shells, lighthouses, etc.), floral, poetry and quotes, recipes (food and drinks), fairies and fairy tale related, holiday related, inspirational, map cards, greetings from....,

Postcard Dislikes: advertising, bugs and insects, snakes, anime, coloring, homemade (unless swap calls for it), gothic or dark themed, day of the dead, a card where there is so much writing on the back that I can hardly write a message

Misc. Likes/ Dislikes

Misc. Likes: Purple, blue and teal, hot pink are my favorite colors. Stationary, post cards, ATC's, lace and trimmings, buttons, charms and other small embellishments, writing pens of any color (really enjoy gel pens), tea (really like chai, plz no Earl Grey or Breakfast), religious items are welcome, journals and notebooks, pins of all sorts (the kind that go on a backpack, youngest collects them), stickers (especially the 3D ones), ribbon, murder mysteries, cows (black and white preferred) , cats and dogs (really any animal, NO bugs or insects, NO snakes), wallpaper samples, printed paper (small prints for my ATC's), Steampunk items, Disney items.

An extra list of things you can send me that I’ll love -Alice in Wonderland stuff -bath and body stuff -journals -purple things - washi tape -stickers -handmade things -pretty cards/envelopes (handmade are welcome) -post cards -inspirational items -art -ephemera -acrylic and rubber stamps -pretty postage stamps (used or new) -note/writing paper -mail art - seahorses - bee items- letter sets, mug rugs, murder mystery book

Misc. Dislikes: playing cards, hot chocolate, used postage stamps unless pretty, fabric scraps, unlined stationery, reward stickers, goth items, ATC backs

Wish list: stickers or labels with the swapbot envelope guy Ernie on it. I can't make them myself and can't find where to buy them, so I thought I would wish for them. :)


(copied from someone else's profile, but it put my words down exactly the way I feel) just an FYI... I truly enjoy the art of swapping. I always take the time to read my partners profile and see what I can create for them & what kind of goodies they like. Even when it’s β€œsender’s choice β€œ. I always try to tailor my swaps to my partner as best I can. I want my partner to be really happy when they open my mail πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ₯³ I put a lot of time and effort into my swaps. I prefer quality & thoughtfulness over quantity πŸ™ŒπŸΌ thanks in advance :-)

I mark swaps sent AFTER I officially drop swap off at my post office.

I RATE my partner as soon as I have received their swap. I would appreciate the same. If you do not rate me, I don't know you received your swap.

I am very proud of my 5 rating!! I won't do anything on purpose to mess that up. So, Please contact me if you have not received your end. I usually send out my end of the swap prior to the due date. I will resend if necessary, but give it more than 2 weeks to get to you. My mail goes down to Jacksonville, FL before going anywhere else. I know, messed up system. But it its what we have to work with so please be patient.

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Comment: I love the envie - your washi feels like fabric, such a fun texture! And yes, it feels like there is an endless supply of amazing washi and I want it all <3 Thank you for the fun selection of napkins, my collection is swiftly growing!
Response: You're welcome. It was fabric washi that I used for most of your envelope. Some was regular washi too. I so glad you liked it. I had fun doing it! I'm glad you liked the napkins too. Have a wonderful day!
Comment: Thank you so much for you postcard! This was a fun swap. :)
Response: You're welcome. Yes it was a fun swap. I was surprised at how much info I could get into a small space. Have a wonderful day!
Comment: Great job on the envelope! What a happy mail to receive after a long Monday at work! I will indulge in the tea asap! Thanks! πŸ€“
Response: You're welcome!! Glad you liked it and that it brought a smile to your face. Have a great week and I hope you liked the tea!!
nanc6124 rated for 20 Happy Mail Items USA on May 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you for all the nice things! πŸ€—
Response: You're welcome! I hope you liked everything. Have a wonderful week!!
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: You're welcome :)
shellbee8 rated for 20 Happy Mail Items USA on May 5, 2023
Comment: Wow! This was such an amazing swap! The coffee and tea could not be more my taste! I’m in love with the swapbot postcards and stickers! Also, I can’t believe you have so many washi! I can’t imagine how you store it! Thank you for sharing so many fun things!
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed everything!! I was very happy to pass on those coffee samples to someone who could use them. I got excited when I read that in your profile. Yes, the swapbot postcards and stickers are neat! I store most of my washi in Artbin boxes designed to hold about 75 - 100 rolls each. I have 6 of these, then I have a drawer full of misc. washi rolls that I use in my swaps. Yeah, I believe I'm addicted to washi tape!!
Comment: Thanks for PA card and your answers--all 10 of them.I also love cows. Coming home today, most were sitting down in a field--Holsteins..A sign that rain was coming. It did.
Response: Well, hello fellow cow lover!! I did not know that about cows. So next time we drive by a field and most of the cows are sitting down - it's going to rain? Interesting factoid Anyway, glad you liked the card and the info. I was glad that I got all 10 things listed!!
Fabriqueen rated for Oversize postcard swap #4 on May 3, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool postcard! I love postcards that show the history of an area. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Response: You're welcome, yes, I love that oversized postcard. I still have one more to divy out to a lucky someone - LOL. Have a great week!!
Seedlings3P rated for Ugly PC Swap #70 on May 2, 2023
Comment: Hi Patricia, You are too funny. The card is a little creepy, but I LOVE different. Thank you!
Response: Thank you! Glad you got something you love!! Happy to bring a smile to your face. have a wonderful week :)
Egga22 rated for Ugly PC Swap #69 on Apr 29, 2023
Comment: Thx u!
Response: you're welcome!!
Egga22 rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #17 on Apr 26, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: you're welcome!!
AshleeCoombes rated for Quick Swap HappyMail #12- USA on Apr 26, 2023
Response: you're welcome!!
GramMonster rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #17 on Apr 23, 2023
Comment: OMG!! I love the gnome, the trivia cards and the velum scrapbook doilies! I am going to try the tea tonight and quiz my hubby! Thanks SO much! (4/23)
Response: Oh, I'm so happy those were a hit!! I have had those trivia cards for ages just waiting for the right person to send them too. They almost got thrown away so many times! LOL!
simcoe54 rated for PH: 4 Postcards in April on Apr 22, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the amazing postcard choices. They are all perfect for my collection.
Response: I'm glad you liked everything I sent. So happy to hear when I get it right, you know!! Thanks for letting me know. :)
ButterflyGirl85 rated for Mystery in Aisle #4 on Apr 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you. I loved what you sent
Response: I'm glad you liked the unicorn. Did you see that it is a light? You put batteries in it. I thought it was pretty cool myself!! Have a nice day.
debbiespoms rated for PH: Send 2 Postcards #48 on Apr 14, 2023
Comment: Hi Patricia! Thanks so much for the two PC's for the swap and for the two extra you included. So nice of you to do that! Also thanks so much for the washi stickers and your so nice note! I loved all that you sent me! Esp. ones from my PC list on my profile. Thanks for sharing some things about yourself. Esp. Things we have in common. πŸ˜€
Response: You're welcome!! So glad I could send you something off of your profile. Always love when I can do that. :)
Comment: Thank you for the "trash", I actually really like the cards you sent!
Response: I'm glad you liked everything. you know that saying "One man's junk is another man's treasures". Have a nice day!!
Comment: thank you !
Response: your welcome :)
kraftykj rated for WIYM: Cover The Envelope πŸ’Œ on Apr 2, 2023
Comment: I love washi tape as well! I use it everyday it seems. Thanks for the goodies.
Response: You're welcome 😊 have a nice day!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute cat postcard. I also appreciated the book recommendations.
Response: You're welcome 😊 I'm glad you liked the card. I hope you get to read the books. Have a nice day!!

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chimerix on Apr 25, 2023:

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful package of crafting goodness! I adore all of the papers and ribbons and bits to craft with. Thank you for making my day so much craftier. Aloha

RAKs only - April

Rainydancer on Apr 17, 2023:

Welcome to sunshine swaps!

supersquirrel on Mar 1, 2023:

Received your RAKS Only - RAK #1 (2oz Randomness) envie. What a fun packed sunshine envie! I absolutely love everything. The foreign money ephemera, washi stickers/tape, tags, labels, cards....love it all. Wonderful RAK - thank you so much 🐿️🧑🐿️.

HausOfImps on Feb 7, 2023:

Thank you so so much for the generous and thoughtful RAK! It definitely made my day, you picked great items for me :) hopefully we cross paths again! (send to the person above you)

user6937 on Jan 16, 2023:

Forgot to mention the tag these were sent to me for - Cheap Postage - pay it back 😍

user6937 on Jan 16, 2023:

Patricia, these shaped paperclips are wonderful! I've never seen them before - I'll definitely have to look up the Paper Studio company. Thank you so much for your generosity. Many hearts given to you πŸ₯°

LadyJo on Jan 9, 2023:

Thank you for the Stamps.com RAK # 1. Raks only USA group! I also love the extra stickers you sent as well, too me! Thanks a bunch!

ButterflyGirl85 on Dec 29, 2022:

Thank you for my RAKS Only USA Dec wishes of planner stickers and kiddie stickers. My son is going to love the Paw Patrol stickers. That is his favorite show since he was a newborn.

katjl on Dec 25, 2022:

Thank you for the RAKS ONLY USA wish you sent of a map. So cute! Happy holidays! πŸŽ„

circularlogic on Dec 22, 2022:

Thank you so much for the poem postcard wish granted! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! RAKSOUSA

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